Open Letter: Monday, April 21, 1997

I had a very good weekend. I went to Muhlenberg County with Brian "Swish" Martin of Central City, to attend our WKU FCA retreat/camp out. We went camping out near Brandon Sanders house, 1447 State Route 189 S., Greenville, KY. We camped out about half a mile from his house across the highway in a wooded bottom. We rode a Honda 4-wheeler to get there. It was exciting just hanging on as we went down the gravel road and dirt trail to the site.

We weren't sure if it was going to rain, but we were going to camp out, anyway. It didn't rain on the Saturday night that we were out, but it was cool. Perhaps, 50 degrees. It was warm by the fire, though. Swish, Brandon, JD--Johnathan Drake, his sister: Melanie, Kristen, Neisha Miller, Kendonna Corbin, and me--4 guys and 4 girls. We had 3 tents. The coyotes came out; we could hear them

I stayed up with Brandon and JD until 4 AM. They went to bed in the tent at that time, but got up when the coyotes started stirring. To tell you the truth, I didn't think that they were coyotes, anyway. They went out looking for them at that time, along with Swish. I fell asleep; I was too tired to hunt coyotes.

On Sunday morning, we went to church Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church (for name see, Dt. 3:27). I saw a guy named Robbie Revo who came to WKU last year. He left on a baseball scholarship. He is coming back to WKU next year. He injured his shoulder playing ball this last year.

The church was traditional Baptist, but you could tell that they tried to reach out to the young people. It was 1/3 young people. The older and retired folks were very friendly to me, and to the others. That was nice to see. What is interesting is that the minister mentioned the revival in Campbellsville that my friend, Steve Ayers, led saying that several of their young people responded to the invitation. It just shows that what one ministry does across the state, affects others, even ministries 100 miles apart touch one another.

Mike Sarkozi



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